Wacky Science!


The Award-Winning Program that Makes Learning Fun!

Get ready for an award-winning show that teaches that science can be exciting and fun! Have your students participate on stage in high energy, hands-on lessons, while discovering that simple household items can be used to perform exciting science experiments. Loads of surprises, comedy and music combine in this perfect complement to classroom activities. Guaranteed to be one of the best science shows your students will ever see!

Booking Now for Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New Hampshire! Call 617-484-8125 to check for availability!

To learn more about the show, check out www.wackyscienceshow.comhttp://www.wackyscienceshow.comshapeimage_2_link_0

“This is the only elementary assembly ever to receive our Touch-Tech Award for excellence in hands-on science education.”

                R. Matthews Davis, Public Relations, Dow Chemical Corp.

Your students will cheer the crazy antics and your teachers will love the lessons learned:

The Scientific Method • Physical, mathematical and life Sciences • Air pressure • Acid and base indicators • Levers and simple machines • Everyday science • Stinky dinosaurs • Optical illusions • Liquids, solids and gasses • Science safety • Chemical reactions, mixtures and compounds and much, much more!

... oh, and one more thing -- it’s HILARIOUS!